Polish Language Course for Foreigners

Poland is becoming a more and more attractive place not only for investors but also for students and staff from all around the world. Unfortunately, learning the Polish language is not an easy goal; however, it is one that can be achieved. We want the vocabulary and grammatical structures taught to be, first and foremost, functional, and the course participants to have multiple opportunities for casual conversation. All classes, including those on beginner level, are conducted in Polish. In this way we quickly motivate our students to speak in the target language. The results of this approach can be seen almost immediately.

The Polish language course for foreigners has been compiled by our methodologists as an answer to high market demand. The classes are conducted by an experienced team of long-term practitioners who use state-of-the-art teaching assisting tools. Such a combination will quickly help you master grammar, enrich your vocabulary and develop fluency of speech. Our teachers focus not only on speaking and correct pronunciation. Polish language courses conducted by our teachers are mainly based on an individual approach to the student. Additionally, we offer workshops connected with the Polish language and culture during the course e.g. colloquial language workshops.

Company course

Inviting your employees to learning Polish together is a wonderful idea. It enables you to spend your time together productively and establish better relationships, while learning together and motivating each other. The skills acquired can be practised and used after the classes. Together it is possible to overcome language barriers more easily and get more out of the course.

Classes at home

Individual classes during which the level of teaching, methodology and the intensity of the classes is fitted to the student’s needs. The risk of being distracted during such a course is minimalised, and the whole attention can be focused on introducing new material or revising the material that has already been introduced.

Online classes

Distance learning enables having contact with the teacher no matter what your place of residence is. It can be carried out whenever and wherever you want. Online classes are a great solution for people who travel a lot, and thanks to the use of various multimedia tools the lessons are more diversified and interesting.

Our school uses specially developed curriculums. Thanks to them people who have never learnt Polish before can handle everyday situations that they encounter, such as communicating in a shop, in the street, at a railway station, in a restaurant or during social meetings, with ease. Furthermore, as far as individual or business classes are concerned we prepare our students to deal with formal and business situations.

Communicate fluently
in everyday situations:

Polish language classes organised by our school, unlike other courses, develop all language skills. Our teachers focus not only on speaking. They develop the students’ previous reading, writing and listening comprehension skills. We deliver maximum efficiency because we do not solely base the course on language textbooks. The didactic materials are complemented by everyday life elements, such as press articles, TV news or internet websites. Thus our courses are not based on a single method but on a set of specially developed methods which we successfully develop every day with our students.

Business language at your fingertips

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